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The Mistress by Laura Hedges

Justin has a mistress.  

I know about her.

The kids do too.

She is the elephant in the room.

And she's not even pretty!

Justin was always upfront about his feelings for another while we dated and then when we got married. But like most people I thought he would outgrow it or at least get tired of it. After all, it took up a lot of his time.

But no. He's hooked. It's an obsession. Drastic measures had to be taken.

Justin tried to go cold turkey several times. No go. Then he tried only on the weekends. Didn't work. Finally he had to admit to his uncontrollable infidelity.

Being the good (okay, bitchy) wife that I am I kicked that damned mistress to the curb...
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Doubting Thomas by Laura Hedges

Guest Post by Laura Hedges

Do you wake up muttering "I feel good. I feel fine.  I feel wonderful" like Bill Murray? Or are you Stuart Smalley, reciting affirmations of "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!" 

Why are you doubting yourself?

I'm no expert in, well, anything. (see that? I just doubted myself!) I do hold a Masters degree in Psychology for which I am extremely proud.  Obviously I am just like everyone else... NORMAL. Normal in the fact that not everyday is a Superman day. Some days you just question who you are, what your worth is, and if the life path you chose is the right one.

To which I say, are you happy? Do you enjoy what life throws at you? And are you working towards that goal you have set for yourself? Or, are you so afraid of success that you doom yourself to fail? You stutter step your way through your masterpiece, muttering to yourself that it's shit, and voila it is!

So what am I saying? (Mutter to self... what AM I saying?)  I'm saying that you, yes YOU, are good enough but you have to believe. And you're not alone. I routinely kick Justin upside the head when he questions himself. When he gets stuck in a rut I remind him of his normalcy. For some reason writers think that if they're not churning out 20 pages a day that they're failing. I say you're crazy in the freaking head. That big old thing called life does not ...
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Blame Julie and Jessica: A Promise Kept


You can blame Julie King and Jessica Keck, or it could be Julie Keck and Jessica King, for this post.  

Those crazy King Is A Fink girls asked for something highly-caffeinated, after all.  Be careful what you wish for, ladies.

Until next time...

Keep Writing!

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Blame Wonder Russell: A Promise Kept Pt. 2

Who's to blame for this non-screenwritery piece of video?  Wonder Russell, actress/writer/producer.  I told you I was taking requests for posts on the 3 a.m. Screenwriter, and Miss Russell asked for a cat video via Twitter.  Here you go:

Be careful what you ask for, Miss Russell.

Until next time...

Keep Writing

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What To Expect 2012

2011 Summary

Allow me to sum up my 2011 blogging experience as honestly as possible... it sucked big, nasty, hairy donkey balls.

There were some great highlights, sure:  interviews with My First Three social media contacts Karen Quah, Chip Street, and Gary Sanders; announcing Joke and Biagio's new show on MTV, Caged, which premiered last night, and everything to do with Dying To Do Letterman; and a guest post from one of my favorite snarky Tweeps, Kelly Anelons, Twitter and the Savvy Screenwriter.  Other than that, though, things have been stone cold silent, and that has got to change.

So, the question is, "What now?"  

Now, it's time to make some commitments and follow through on them, show y'all I haven't lost my touch as a blogger.

2012 Focus

This year the 3 a.m. Screenwriter will be focusing on trying to help you.  Although I'm still skirting on the edges of success, I believe there are several areas in which I can help you achieve your dreams like I'm going to do in 2012.  I'm calling it the When, Where, and Why of Screenwriting.  There are plenty of people out there who can teach you How to write a screenplay, and Marvin V. Acuna's Business of Show Institute pretty much has the business side of screenwriting covered.  However, I'm pretty sure I can help you figure out When to write, no matter your hectic schedule; Where to write, no matter how on-the-go you are; and Why you should write, no matter how deep your ...
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Dying To Help Dying To Do Letterman: Part Two

Let's call this the 'movie version' of Dying To Help Dying To Do Letterman, and I am dying of embarrassment over it.  I promised the supporters of the Dying To Do Letterman Kickstarter campaign a video of me reciting a poem in honor of Steve while wearing a musketeer costume if the campaign goal of $37,000 was reached.  Like I needed to.  Filmmakers Joke and Biagio and fellow producers Steve and Denise Mazan reached that goal in just FIVE DAYS.

It's now August 29, 2011, the campaign has raised over $49,000 and has just six days left.  Joke, Biagio, Steven, and Denise are committed to using every dollar over the $37,000 goal to tour the film around the country to as many places as possible.  If you want to contribute, just go to the Dying To Do Letterman campaign site and pledge as little as $1 to the campaign.  There's great swag to be had for contributing, and you'd possibly be helping bring this amazing film to a theatre near you!

Following the video, which includes a funny twist for you Game of Thrones fans out there, I've posted in full my re-imagining of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's epic poem The Charge of the Light Brigade in honor of Steve.  Without further ado:

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Dying to Help Dying To Do Letterman


In December 2010, the 3 a.m. Screenwriter blog featured its very first exclusive. Joke Fincioen, Biagio Messina, and Steve Mazan joined me in an hour-long podcast about their documentary film, Dying To Do Letterman. My exclusive was carrying the very first announcement of the new website for the film. Here’s a brief synopsis of this extraordinary documentary film:

“When 35-year old stand-up comedian Steve Mazan learned he had cancer, and might only have five years to live, he dedicated his life to living his dream:  performing stand-up comedy on The Late Show with David Letterman.”

“This documentary chronicles his five-year journey, as he races his own ticking clock to achieve a nearly impossible goal. Hilarious, heart-breaking, and ultimately inspirational, Steve’s journey brings a brand-new perspective to living with cancer. This is a story that proves it’s not how much time you have, it’s what you do with it. As Steve says, ‘If you stop chasing your dreams, you’re already dead.’”

In March 2011 I had the honor of flying out to San Jose, California to see the worldwide theatrical premiere of Dying To Do Letterman at the 2011 Cinequest Film Festival. I attended the premiere with friends and fellow screenwriters Chip Street and Sean Meehan. The film premiered ...

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A Widget, A Request, and A Girl Named Alice

Friends, this post has nothing to do with screenwriting, though there is a valuable lesson about dreams in it. I wanted to share with you a new passion of mine by discussing three things:  a new widget, a heartfelt request, and a story about a girl named Alice.


You’ll notice to the left I’ve added a widget, “DKMS Bone Marrow Donor Center – Become A Donor Today!”  This widget will take you to the bone marrow donor registration page of DKMS America, the American branch of the largest bone marrow donor center in the world with over 2.7 million registered donors worldwide. I added this widget to the site because of one person.


Alice Pyne is a fifteen-year-old girl from Great Britain with terminal cancer. After a courageous four-year battle, Alice now knows she is going to lose the war. But she isn’t going down without doing a few things first. Alice created a blog called Alice’s Bucket List. For those of you who don’t know and/or haven’t seen one of my favorite Morgan Freeman movies The Bucket List, this is a list of the things one wishes to do/see/experience before they die (kick the bucket, get it?).

Alice made her list and started ticking off what she could. She created the Alice’s Bucket List blog to share with family and friends about her bucket list ...

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Joke & Biagio: A New Show For My Favorite Visual Storytellers

Hands-on producers Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina have done it again.  On top of their IFC show, Commercial Kings, premiering this June 24th, our favorite husband-and-wife producing team have had a new show picked up, Caged on MTV.  This new docu-series will follow "young cage fighters in small-town Louisiana."  On the MTV side, the show will be executive produced by Dave Sirulnik  and Amy Bailey, and on the Joke Productions side Joke and Biagio will executive produce along with co-executive producers Travis Bible and Steve Harris.  I'm super-excited about this announcement for several reasons.

First, this is another Joke and Biagio passion project.  I've seen Dying To Do Letterman, their documentary passion project, and I can testify that a Joke and Biagio passion project is nothing short of brilliant!

Second, I'm excited FOR their co-executive producers, Travis Bible and Steve Harris.  These two young editors brought the idea to Joke and Biagio, then followed their mentors' advice and made great tape about the idea.  Working together, the four of them put together the final pitch that landed Caged on MTV.  Travis and Steve are proof that ...
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Twitter & the Savvy Screenwriter: a guest post by Kelly Anelons


I was touched and honored when I found out one of my favorite new Twitter friends, screenwriter Kelly Anelons, joined Twitter because of something I had said about it and using social media to build/further your screenwriting career.  When I read Kelly's blog, I knew I wanted to get that 'voice' on the 3 a.m. Screenwriter in a VIP guest post.  So, I asked (fingers crossed).  She accepted (girly squeals of joy ensued), and here she is (dun-dun-dunnn).

Twitter & the Savvy Screenwriter

My "Screenwriting Career Plan" was naively simple. I would write an excellent script filled with uniquely entertaining moments and character-driven narrative. The script would place in at least one of the top five screenwriting competitions, and I would fly into L.A. to sign a management deal with a studio executive using a shiny Mont Blanc pen.

Well, I wrote the script, which placed in the Top 5 of Final Draft's 2010 Big Break; was named one of the "Top 25 Comedies" in the PAGE Awards, and earned me some coveted L.A. meetings. After a whirlwind Hollywood adventure, I arrived back at my little desk with a read request for my sitcom pilot. Unfortunately, the loop on my ...

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